What’s a Shinobi?

Shinobi (Shi-nO-bi) the Japanese word for Ninja. It’s out metaphor for adaptability in a highly competitive marketplace. It is this adaptability that brings you the best in creative communications. In tech 1 year is like 7 human years. What’s current today may not be in a few months. With finely honed skills the team from Shinobi stays well informed on the latest in strategies and communication tactics. We do this, because we believe in doing work of the highest caliber. After all, your business doesn’t deserve anything less.

What We Do.

Shinobi’s belief is that marketing should be memorable and successful. 
We are in the business of brand engagement. With our dojo in Chicago, our team is constantly mastering the art of the code, meditating on design, and sharpening our skills for the next innovation. Cutting edge technology and adaptability in the marketplace are two things that make this company great and help your business succeed. From brand strategies, consumer insights, mobile apps, websites, branded games our goal is to make our clients message resonate and provoke action.

The Dojo.

We thought about opening our dojo in a hidden mist valley, just beyond the mountains of wisdom and guarded by the dragons of eternity. In the end we decided on a loft office space in the River North neighborhood of Chicago. We’re located at 314 W. Institute Place, conveniently near the CTA. Street parking is also available nearby. Want to drop in? Let us know and we’ll make sure it doesn’t conflict with our stealth training or shrunken throwing practice.