Privacy Policy

Here at Shinobi your privacy is of the utmost concern. We constantly are waging an endless war against the forces of darkness to make sure everything is secure. Below we have covered the major security questions you might have. If you need any clarification please call 312-361-0841 for more information.

What information do we collect?

We record responses in our contact form, billing information for clients, tracking data, and other sources that you may opt in to.

What About Cookies?

We think cookies taste great, but we don’t commonly use them on our website, except for login information.

What we use your information for?

Your data will only be used for our internal purposes, so we won’t spam or torture you for giving us your data. We do not share information with third parties unless its required for billing, tracking, and/or newsletter subscriptions.

What About My Billing Information?

All billing information is handled through securely encrypted channels (SSL certificates), filed, and then all remaining references are eliminated. We do not handle credit cards, but give our clients the ability to make their own payments for security reasons. When it comes to billing we don’t take any chances. Whenever possible we destroy all remaining billing data that is not mandatory Mission Impossible style.

Data Backups

When working on websites we backup and keep original versions of files for up to 1 year (mutual consent and proper login credentials must be passed along too). We keep these on hand so If your website is somehow hacked or destroyed, we have everything needed to fix your problem.

Your consent

By using our site, you consent to our privacy policy.

- This policy was last updated 10/14/2011