Chicago Branding


From branding (not the cow burning flesh kind) packaging, or print. It all has to embody the goals of our clients and still have a the ability to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Shinobi crafts designs that are not only eye grabbing but strategic and leave a deep impression.

 Web Design

Our Chicago web design company has saved clients labor, increased site traffic, and raised their placing in search engines (SEO). Our specialty lies in creating visually astonishing sites that also deliver results. We’ve had our sites featured in various website galleries such as WeLoveWordPress, CSS Cookie, CSS Loggia, and many more.

Web Design from Scratch

All of our web design is created from scratch. While some companies rely on pre-built templates for their design, we believe sites created from scratch result in the best product. This helps to keep your site unique and individualized for a more memorable customer experience. This holds true for layout, code, and graphics. Heck, we’ll even provide custom icons and photography if you really want your site to shine.

Increase Website Conversions Via Web Design

When creating a design we optimize it to increase conversions. We do this through strategic placement of calls to action. This results in increased sales and happier clients. We can also test various content to determine what results in the highest conversion.

Branding Style Guide

Shinobi will provide you with a brand style guidelines for your organization to use for years to come. A branding style guide helps to maintain consistency for your brand presence across web, and print, emails, and business cards. Small or large, it sets precedence for design so that your brand is consistent.

Custom Illustration and Icons

We create custom Illustration and Icons for our web design and print projects. While we do work with some stock assets, we believe customized Illustration or icons can really make a website stand out above the competition.

Our Process

Our company creates website packages for client through consulting and a questionnaire. After that we research your industry’s trends and competition to develop an optimized plan for your website. Throughout the entire process we keep our clients involved and up to date on their project.

Why Choose Us

We create visually astonishing websites that have been featured throughout the net. All of our clients receive senior level design work and we don’t skimp on details. Our goal isn’t to build you a website, but to create a long lasting reusable product. One that decreases labor and increases sales/conversions. We are a Chicago web design team that works both locally and globally.