Chicago HTML5 Games

HTML5 Games

Take one of the most exciting innovations in development and combine it with something so fun that it captivate’s countless masses. What do you get? The pure awesomeness of HTML5 Games, custom made just for you right here.

Chicago HTML5 Games

Gaming is a great way to promote your business, educate your audience, connect with other people or just entertain. This type of communication has evolved and is growing at an incredible pace. How is this? because of a little thing called HTML5. This code allows games or game attributes to load instantly in your browser. No downloads, no bandwidth suck, no sad face. It’s pure wonderful all the way. We create custom branded HTML5 games for companies. These branded games can serve as a great marketing shuriken or a useful PR opportunity to get people interested and engaged in what you’re business. Anything is possible from large scale games to custom mini games. Each one is made with HTML5 and lots of imagination.

HTML5 Gamification

Gamification takes content that can be dull and make it fun and engaging. This can be done with achievements, mini games, or simple game elements built into an application. From a user standpoint, its easy to play and interesting to interact with. From a marketing benefit it creates strong engagement and brand memorability. An example of this is social media. Lets face it, most people are on Facebook to play games anyway. So why shouldn’t they be playing your companies branded games? To accommodate achievements we include Facebook or Twitter login that allows users to share their expereince with friends. These custom HTML5 games can be web based as well mobile. Mobile games, Facebook games, and overall gamification. Sounds like fun doesn’t it.

HTML5 Tech Talk

Why HTML5 over Adobe Flash? Unlike Flash, HTML5 is available on more platforms (like iPads and iPhones), and is quickly growing. Using HTML5 is SEO friendly, forward thinking and provides you with a website that will serve you well. Our HTML5 games use webGL, SVG, and Canvas. Games, like our websites and other online services, conform to web standards and best practices as outlines by the W3C.