Chicago Web Development

Web Development

Not all websites are made equal. Ours are just better than all the others. Why you may ask? It’s a simple combination of Shinobi’s creativity, skill and pride in our website development. Don’t tell but we’ll share some of our custom website development process with you. Just keep reading.

Chicago Web Development HTML5

All of our custom web development utilizes the latest technology to deliver a fast and efficient user experience. Through HTML5 we provide better interactivity with animation and other forms of media. With CSS3 we can create graphics in browser for faster load times. We’re always coming up with new ways to create the most eye grabbing, lighting fast, efficient websites around.

Website Animation Without Flash

Through emerging web technologies Shinobi can animate your website without Adobe Flash animation. Flash suffers severely for search engine optimization. Also, mobile support is dodgy at best. Our animated sites don’t suffer from the same limitations and we program in fall backs for older browsers that can’t support newer animation techniques.

Decrease Load Times with Optimized Design

Creative web design is great, but graphics, images and video can increase load times. Studies have shown that users get frustrated if load times are too high (5 seconds or more). Our web design solutions are custom tweaked to guarantee fast page loads without sacrificing graphical presentation. This makes your site’s visitors more likely to browse through enough content to result in a conversion.

Accessibility and W3C Standards

Our company creates W3C standard complaint websites to ensure maximum compatibility with all browsers. We adhere to accessibility standards to make sure that people with disabilities can access your website. This is extremely important since ignoring accessibility standards could result in a lawsuit. We also create flexible width sites, so that the website optimizes the window space available whether it’s a computer screen, tablet or mobile phone.

Themes Built from Scratch

We don’t develop WordPress sites off of templates. Everything is created from scratch in house so the design and development is original with every project. This results in faster websites that are optimized for your content instead of shoving your information into a pre-built template. Templates are great, but a website will eventually outgrow it and be forced to change to another template unless the site itself is strategically built. The team at Shinobi builds websites that will last longer and save you the hassle of having to change your site from the ground up in the future.

Increased Security

The main reason hackers are able to easily break into websites is due to a lack of proper setup. The popular 1 click installs even leave your WordPress install open for hackers to have their way with your website. Many free WordPress themes and even paid ones leave lots of your personal information up to be violated. Every time we go to another Chicago WordPress development meeting, someone else has been hacked. We’ve seen as many as 15 plus hacking attempts in one day on small WordPress sites (with the site administrator completely unaware). Keep your site up, prevent data loss, all by making sure your site is secure.

SEO Friendly Web Design

All of our web design is SEO friendly. We intentionally design with your website’s search engine optimization in mind. This gives you a huge boost to catch up with your competitors at the start of your redesign.

Speed Optimization

Most WordPress sites are developed with production speed in mind and not website loading speeds. To make matters worse most plugins increase load time by adding extra assets. This results in slow websites that make for a frustrating user experience. Our WordPress development team will reduce your load times through custom coding instead of relying on plugins.

Our Process

First we listen. Once we have fully understand your objectives, we research your industry, trends in the marketplace and your competition to develop a strategy that delivers your goal. Throughout the entire process we keep our clients involved and up to date on their project with milestones of approval.

Why Choose Us

When investing in a website you expect not only visually stunning website but quality work and we don’t skimp on details. Our goal isn’t to build you a website, but to create a long lasting communication tool. One that decreases labor and increases brand awareness and sales/conversions. We are a Chicago web design team that works both locally and globally.