With a training combination that encompasses creativity, innovation, tech and strategy. Shinobi is the best trained team you’re likely to meet. Take a look at our areas of expertise below.


Chicago Marketing

Nothing is ever as easy as it looks. It takes experience to hit your mark. With production, campaigns, SEO or engaging calls to action. We hit our mark at the core.

Web Development

Chicago Web Development

Not all websites are created equal, ours are better than all the others. We weld together a highly polished product that stands on it’s own. Always modern and always in line with the W3C.

HTML5 Games

Chicago HTML5 Games

With HTML5 & Canvas online games will never be the same. From branded gaming to gamification the team at Shinobi has the skill to level up the user experience. Now let’s go fight a three headed dragon!

Mobile Development

Chicago Mobile Development

Mobile communications is growing faster than you can say “I have an app for that”. With a thoughtful mobile strategy your business can communicate with your audience in a number of ways to drive engagement.


Chicago Branding

We create brands with a deep impression that lasts for years. Kind of like cattle, but without burning flesh. If you're looking for a Shinobi turned cowboy to make an impressive brand for you, that'd be us.


Chicago Consulting

Need some solid counsel? From leading brainstorm and ideation sessions, social media training to mastering the nuances of WordPress the team from Shinobi offers a sound professional perspective.